How It's Work

How it works

We have provided a decentralized and safe base for selling and buying. The services is P2P by creating advertise and there no intermediate persons. In this system the seller are able to sale themselves cryptocurrencies directly by creating advertise. We are proud to provide services for bitcoin, etherium, litecoin and dogecoin and bitcoin selling and buy is active.


If you have account sign in or you haven't account sign up. Your phone number and email address is necessary for receiving codes.

For using the services you need to verify you identity. The image of passport, front and back image of identity card, live selfish photo and special photos is demand. After verification you are able to use platform services.

Let's begin
We would like to say welcome to cryptocurrencies world, you can sell your cryptocurrencies or buy them between released advertises.

Create your advertise
Look at advertise section and then create advertise. For creating a selling advertise you must select a maximum and minimum amount of coin you want to sell and determine margin amount of that or don't action. If the amount of selling crypto is lower amount than your balance, you must be deposite you cryptocurrencies and increase you balance. You are able to select two way. 1. While you are creating an advertise, increase you balance same or more than selling amount. 2. In dashboard and balance, you must be deposit and sell how many you want to sell. Input you features and details of your advertise and don't put secure, passwords, phone number and etc. Our team will release the advertise after investigation of that.

The method of dealing
Seller: After create and release of advertise, it will reflect in website and buyers are able to show it, you must wait for buying request. If a customer request to buy your cryptocurrency, a message will send to you in panel and amount of cryptocurrency request is available to show you. Even you are able to chat and make communication with buyer. If the buyer paid the cryptocurrency costs, you must click "I received money". The buy and sell of cryptocurrency finished and if all of you cryptocurrency sold out, you advertise will erase automatically. If you want to sell an other cryptocurrency you must create new advertise. The note is it, If a small amount of your cryptocurrency sold out and your have an amount to sell yet, the mentioned amount will minus of total and will release a new advertise, for example if you want to sell 1 bitcoin and 0.5 bitcoin sold out, 0.5 bitcoin of total amount will minus (1- 0.5=0.5), and a new advertise will be shown to sell. Be aware, the all of interaction have limited time to action and after expire that limited time to buyer and seller, If you didn't finish the dealing, it will cancel by website and it has negative point for both of them. If it will show again, the customers will be banned. Buyer: the all of advertises are available in website you can determine and push the "Buy", when you do it, you will direct to new page and it has information of seller, rules and details. Read of them and select your amount between minimum and maximum amount and order it. By doing that a message will send to seller and it include the order amount. The chatting page will show to you and you are able speak with seller. In determined time. If you did pay, you must click "I paid money". The amount will transfer to buyer account after seller confirmation and buyer is able to withdraw it. The note is it, if the seller don't click "I received money" the buyer is able to visit complaint page and create a complaint with enough paying documents. The support team will investigate them as soon as quickly.

Increase the deposit
You are able to increase your deposit, how much cryptocurrency you want and desire in dashboard. The maximum amount of advertise to selling is same of your deposit amount. For example if you want to sell 1 bitcoin, you must increase your assets to 1 bitcoin and if you want sell more than mentioned amount you must add more amount to your balance. In advertise creating step, If you want to sell your assets but they are lower than your balance amount, you are able to increase your balance and pursue that.

Cryptocurrency withdraw
For doing withdraw, you can click to "Request a payment" in your account. By ordering it and select your desire amount and wallet address, you are able to transfer it to your wallet.

Complain and issues
Bircoin team trying to create safe base for customers, therefore it has provided a complain ticket for users in deal process. You are able to select "open trading" and coplains, ticket a complain and pursue it.

Safe transaction
The Bircoin aim is provide a safe and confident place to transactions, so you are able to request "Trust sell" and the buyers for purchase of cryptocurrencies, must be pay the cost of that to website. You won't trade a person directly and whole of price will send to you. The commission is higher than you do your trade normally. Safe transaction as shown in home page with special symbol.

The customers after transaction are able to select rate to eachither and the submitted point will consider in thier account.